Want to Start or Join a Project Lunch Club?

A Project Lunch Club is a group of students united around the goal of bringing healthy, local, sustainable, and fabulous food offerings to their school and creating community on campus through food.

Students work with other members of the school community including teachers, parents, admin, and other professionals like chefs, farmers, caterers, etc to implement the Project Lunch Standards.

Here are the Steps To Starting a Club:

Gather a team

Find interested students and at least one teacher or parent to mentor the Club.

Plan your first meeting

Set a time and location. Distribute the promotional flyer and ask teachers to talk about Project Lunch and the Food Club in their classrooms. Create a Facebook event, and ask your adult mentor to help spread the word as well.

Get educated

Bring educational information to your first meeting to help inform your new chapter members. Go to the “Get Informed” link on our site which contains websites, articles, links and books recommended to help inform.

Assess your schools's current lunch program

Set up a time to meet with the Food Service Director and conduct the FSD Questionnaire. Conduct student surveys to learn about eating habits, favorite cafeteria meals, and suggested improvements to the current program.

Brainstorm key PL objectives

Identify your focus and club goals based on the initial assessment of the Lunch Program and interests of members.

Plan and execute activities and programs (based on the club objectives)

Check out Activities and Programs to see a list of suggested actions for your Food Club.

Spread the word

Create educational materials like posters and videos. Give presentations at class, assemblies, and school board meetings. Let the greater community now about your work through local media.


Implement the Project Lunch Standards. Meet with school leaders to change purchasing policies. Pass school food policies to ensure longterm success.

Great resources to start a coalition at your school to improve food service